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Age can affect the development of joint diseases in young and elderly people. These are some of main factors that can influence joint diseases among different age groups.

Young age:

Injury and accidents – Younger individuals, especially those that are physically active are more likely to suffer joint injuries like sprains or strains. Serious injury can cause cartilage to be damaged and increase the chance of developing joint disease.

Overuse of the joints – Physical activities, such as intense training or repetitive movements, may lead to cartilage damage and joint strain, increasing the risk of joint diseases.

Autoimmune diseases – Some autoimmune conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis (RA), are able to occur at a very young age. They can cause chronic inflammation in joints.

Older age

Joint degeneration – also called osteoarthritis (OA), joint degeneration is one of most common causes for joint problems in older individuals. It is a normal process whereby joint cartilage slowly wears away as you age.

Ageing process: Aging-related processes like reduced flexibility and tissue repair can increase joint vulnerability to injury.

Overweight or obesity – Obesity and overweight can put stress on the joints of older people, especially the hips and knees. This increases the risk for joint disease.

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Why Maxiflex? How it works

Joint and muscular pain can be painful and restrict daily activities. Many people with this condition find that finding relief is key to improving the quality of their lives. Maxiflex topical lotion is natural and offers pain relief. It also promotes the healing of damaged muscles and tendons.

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How do I apply Maxiflex? Side effects? Composition

It is very easy to apply Maxiflex. The lotion is applied to the area that has been damaged twice a daily, gently massaging until it’s absorbed. The regular use of this product can help to relieve pain and improve joint and muscular mobility.

Maxiflex can only be used externally and not ingested. Contact your doctor if you swallow an accident amount of the lotion.

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Maxiflex reviews

Maxiflex gets very positive feedbacks from users in all parts of the world. People laud its effectiveness for relieving joint and muscular pain and restoring flexibility. Users report rapid improvements when they begin using this product.

Maxiflex has been helpful to people suffering from various joint conditions such as osteochondrosis, injuries and arthritis. Users have reported significant improvement in joint mobility and reduced pain after using the lotion.

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