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Incontinence and leakage of urine are diagnosed by 72% of older women, and 37% of younger woman. Unfortunately, the pathology tends towards worsening over time. As a result, unpleasant odors and stains will continue to worsen. Bladder infection is more common during summer, and mostly affects women. The symptoms of cystitis are pain, burning while urinating and frequent urination. Bacterial invasion is the leading cause of urinary system infection. The presence of bacteria above the urethra in the urinary system can cause inflammation.

Where does bacteria that shouldn’t exist come from? There are a few causes:

Transfer of bacteria from anal to urethral area, as a problem

The following are some of the effects that you may experience.

Due to the small urethra, women are more susceptible than men.

The urethral outlet is located between the anus.

The urethral and anus outlet

Sexual Intercourse

Unsafe intimate hygiene

Cold or hypothermia

Hormonal disorders

Sedentary Lifestyle

genital inflammation

Personal hygiene is lacking

Injuries, abrasions


Consumption of alcohol and spicy foods

Cystitis can become chronic if it is treated too late or insufficiently. This can lead to complications and other consequences.

The kidneys, and other genitourinary tissues can be affected and lead to:

Abscesses of the kidney


Kidney Failure

vesicoureteral reflux

ovarian inflammation


Adult cystitis symptoms:

pain, burning or stinging during urination

Lower abdominal pain and urge to urinate

Frequent urination of very small amounts

Fiebrile fever

Back pain

Stomach pain

Dark urine


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How to prevent urinary tract infections

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Eliminating cystitis

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