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Heart disease affects people all over the world, including in the Balkans. The prevalence of heart disease in Balkan states such as Serbia Croatia Bosnia Herzegovina Slovenia Montenegro Northern Macedonia Albania Bulgaria Greece is affected by many factors. These include lifestyle, access to healthcare, socioeconomics and genetics.

Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause for death in many European countries. Statistics may be less accurate, however, in Balkan countries because of differences in data collection and access to healthcare. Heart disease can be caused by a number of factors, including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, smoking and high levels of cholesterol.

You can find specific information about heart disease in Balkans by consulting the latest reports or studies from regional health authorities, or international organizations like the World Health Organization and the European Society of Cardiology. These data can give you the latest information on cardiovascular health conditions in your region.

The specific cardiovascular condition can affect the symptoms. These are the symptoms that may accompany different heart conditions:

Chest pain is also known as angina. It can be described as a tightness in the chest or as a burning sensation. The pain can radiate from the chest to the shoulders and neck.

Fatigue: rapid fatigue when doing daily activities which previously did not cause any problems.

Shortness or difficulty in breathing (dyspnoe). This can happen when you are exercising or even resting.

Heart palpitations: irregular heartbeats, or feeling as if your heartbeats are “skipping”.

Edema (swelling of the legs) is caused by blood clots in the veins.

Rapid weight increase – due to fluid accumulation in the body.

The brain’s blood flow may be reduced if you experience dizziness.

Restlessness (a feeling of anxiety, or insecurity) can be caused by heart rhythm disorders.

A pallor of the skin or bruising is caused by tissue hypoxia.

Unusual exhaustion during exercise can lead to a decline in physical performance.

Cold extremities indicate poor blood supply.

In the case where coronary artery is disease, chest pain is usually the main symptom.

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Our circulatory system is affected by the pace of life today, stress and eating a non-healthy diet. The number of blood vessel problems is increasing, which can lead to a wide range of serious conditions.

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Cardinol represents the culmination of nutritional supplement technology. The CO2 extracts in Cardinol are active fractions, which play a crucial role in the dissolution of cholesterol plaques on vessel surfaces. Cardinol is designed to work in three ways.

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Cardinol improves circulation by reducing the symptoms associated with many circulatory disorders, including hypertension and varicose veins.

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Cardinol when and how to take it. Composition, side effects

Cardinol can be used by people older than 40 years old once every 4-5years. The standard duration of treatment is 1.5 month, but can be extended by 2 months if you have advanced circulatory disorders.

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Cardinol has been made more affordable by the introduction of the “Cleanware Program”. This is a campaign to promote cardiovascular health and raise public awareness.

Cardinol has been reviewed by cardiologists as a possible solution to improving blood vessel health, and preventing serious health problems.

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