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In Europe, hypertension is a major health problem. About 22% (of people over 15) in the European Union reported having high blood pressure problems in 2019. Croatia (37%), Latvia (32%) and Hungary (30%) had the highest levels of hypertension in EU. Ireland (12%) was the country with the lowest rate, followed by Luxembourg, Romania, the Netherlands, and Ireland. Men and women reported slightly more hypertension (23% versus 21% respectively), with women reporting the most (38%, Latvia 37%, and Hungary 34%).

The European Society of Hypertension, (ESH), has announced comprehensive new guidelines for treating hypertension in the year 2023. These guidelines are intended to be a resource that healthcare professionals can use around the world when treating people with hypertension. Arterial high blood pressure is a major cause of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, death and kidney disease.

ESH guidelines emphasize the following key points.

Updated measurement protocols and recommendations, including targets for in-office bloodpressure for most adults (targets of 140-120mmHg systolic BP and 8070mmHg diastolic BP).

Hypertension can be managed by a lifestyle change that includes physical activity and diet changes.

New and simplified guidelines are available for prescribing patterns. These include starting treatment with a double drug combination, increasing dosages up to the maximum tolerated dose and potentially to triple therapy. There is also a recommendation to use a combination of medications in one pill.

A variety of major drug categories, including angiotensin antagonists (RAS), calcium channels blockers, thiazide Diuretics and similar, as well beta-blockers and other new drugs such SGLT2 Inhibitors and Non-steroidal MRAs.

Innovative treatments for hypertension including new treatment recommendations and the use of RDN.

New treatment algorithms to treat chronic conditions including heart failure, chronic kidney diseases and secondary hypertension.

The recommendations are expanded to include specific strategies for the continuation of treatment in a variety of patient populations. This includes assessing nonadherence, clinical inertia, and other factors.

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Cardioactive Composition

Low levels in certain vitamins are responsible for high blood tension. High levels of mercury exposure can also cause hypertension. Hypertension is usually caused by an excess of sodium and potassium.

Your body may not react well to insulin if you have a prediabetic state. This can lead to chronically elevated blood pressure.

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An interruption can cause the effects of the drug to be lessened. It is recommended that you take this medication for 90 consecutive days.

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Cardioactive price, pharmacy, promotions

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