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Around 85% are derived from stimuli around us by the human sense of vision. Children develop their vision especially well because of its cognitive as well as communicative functions. The visual system is not fully developed when a child is born. A person can see clearly from 6-8 year old. Computer at work. Tablet on the journey to work. Netbook on a business vacation. Game console. TV. Laptop at home. It’s hard for us to count how many hours are spent looking at our monitors while we work, study, or indulge in entertainment. It is not easy to keep track of how many hours we spend in front of our monitors. If we don’t take care, they will bill us for a sick visit.

Refractive defects or vision impairments are, in other words: vision defects. This is caused by an abnormality with the structure of your eye. Blurred vision is one of the symptoms. It occurs when the light entering the eye through its pupils doesn’t focus precisely on the retina. Vision defects may include nearsightedness/farsightedness or astigmatism. Computer vision syndrome, which is becoming an increasingly common condition for the eye, is becoming more common.

Computer vision syndrome has the following signs:

General eye strain occurs after 3-4 hours of being in front the monitor. Also, a mild pain in the eyes over the course of time can lead to visual acuity problems.

Dry eye syndrome – Dry eyes are associated with blinking patterns that are less frequent and more irregular than normal.

Dryness, itching, or burning of the eyelids

Photophobia is the feeling that there is something foreign in the eye.

Progressive refractive modifications – progressive vision impairment, which is usually seen at close distances. It results from a reduction in or loss of the eye’s accommodative abilities.

Redness and irritation of your eyes

Color vision disorders

Headaches, neck pain and backache

Vitavisin – a unique and innovative way of correcting vision without having to leave the house. After treatment you will be able read both letters AND colors clearly. Vitavisin can be used to naturally improve your eye sight. This supplement is made with a special formula that supplies essential vitamins as well as trace elements to your eyes. Because you work intensively, it takes over a month to improve your vision. Our formula improves the vision by strengthening the nerves, muscles and eyes.

Vitavisin tablets action

It is worth noting that the elasticity is an important component of good vision. However, it can be affected by certain conditions. It happens due to:

Inflammation and swelling of the eyes

Problems with blood supply

Eye disease



Radiation excesses from the screen

Vitavisin medical product has a therapeutic action – discover its surprising properties.

Strengthens the retina

Increases blood supply for the eyes

It reduces irritation, redness and dryness in the eyes

Accuracy and clarity of vision increases

reduces eye fatigue

Relieves pain and tension around the eyes

Protects your retina from UV radiation

It reduces the risk for blindness

It prevents the development cataracts

Vitavisin – dosage, composition

Vitavisin (a medicinal product) should be taken once per day. It should be taken with water. Vitavisin contains natural ingredients that help in cases of impaired vision and the treatment of most eye diseases. Vitavisin is a great option for those who wear glasses and contact lenses. Vitavisin is a great product for people suffering from fatigue or headaches. Look for this product if your eye problem is due to genetics. The manufacturer’s website contains more information about the product including the composition and dosage.

Vitavisin reviews – What’s the verdict? Customer reviews

Vitavisin’s history is important to know before you commit to using it. Vitavisin is loved by many consumers around the world due to its many health benefits. Vitavisin has been through many tests before it was released. Each test yielded positive results. Vitavisin has no side effects and is completely healthy. Vitavisin uses only natural ingredients. This is a guarantee that Vitavisin will not cause side effects and it will be safe to use. If you search the internet, you can find Vitavisin reviews. They will describe how Vitavisin works as well as whether or not it is worth trying. Other than newsgroups, forums, and social networks, it is worth checking medical websites for Vitavisin-related reviews. Vitavisin has been just reviewed. Learn about the benefits and disadvantages of Vitavisin. There were many benefits to it, including sharpened vision, better composition, long-lasting and rapid effects, and no side effect. Sometimes people don’t follow the rules which can make the effects less obvious. It is recommended that you read the instructions included in the package insert. This will help you see clearly.

Vitavisin to buy? Learn the price

Vitavisin products are well-known on the market. Many people love them. It is becoming more popular each day. There are many imitations, but they have nothing to do the original product or its activities. Don’t forget that fake sites are available online that will make you lose your money, and that you may never be able to see the product. These websites can also be ineffective and fake. Follow the link to visit the site of the genuine manufacturer.