Solesties New

Solesties New

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Get rid of pain in just 8 minutes with Solesties New!

Are you one of those people who for many years have been looking for a method to eliminate the pain that makes their life difficult? Usually it appears in the least expected and opportune moment, and you do not have any possibility to relieve it? Your professional and private life is slowly deteriorating due to recurring pain, degeneration and inflammation of various origins? Don’t let opportunities slip through your fingers! There is an unimaginable potential dormant in you, which is being suppressed by all these somatic symptoms! It is high time to take matters into your own hands, break the close relationship with popular painkillers and put everything on one card! You can change your fate in just 8 minutes, getting rid of everything that has so far prevented you from functioning at the level you wanted to for years!



The professor’s new method is spreading fear among pharmaceutical companies!

The data we have collected unequivocally show that experts in the field of modern medicine do not have the slightest doubt. Solesties New is a product which will ruin the hitherto prosperous business of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs! As a result of many years of work and enormous commitment, combined with the dedication of his knowledge and time, the professor, has created a remedy that allows people, who until now have heard one diagnosis from pharmacists and doctors: “Nothing can be done about your problem!

A 28-day treatment for 41 different diseases

So far, more than 14,000 people who have learned about the product Solesties New can boast of getting rid of as many as 41 conditions, pains and inflammations. Particularly noteworthy are problems associated with the spine, muscles, circulatory system, joints, or metabolism, among others.

The 28-day treatment has changed their lives beyond recognition. Regardless of the reason for starting this extraordinary remedy, after 4 weeks, they could say goodbye to dangerous and addictive powders once and for all. With Solesties New, it only takes 8 minutes to get back to the performance you had before the onset of pain, disease, or inflammation. This 8 minutes will assure you that you have eliminated your dysfunction once and for all. How is it possible?

Solesties New – a product for the 21st century

Contact with a product like Solesties New is a unique opportunity. It would be hard to find a better, more efficient and more concentrated formula for most of the problematic health issues of the 21st century. Our generation is too often deceived and taken advantage of by profit-driven pharmaceutical companies. Fortunately, there are people, such as an expert in molecular biology and biomedical engineering, who have decided to take care of the functioning and health of patients from all over the world. The professor has no equal. Our compatriot has spent several years of his professional career on creating a remedy for the most common pains, diseases and inflammations, which are increasingly becoming a huge problem for people of all ages. His main goal was to relieve the pain of his mother, who for several years suffered from chronic sciatica pain and severe rheumatoid arthritis. The professor, with his commitment and dedication, proved that the health of his patients was more important to him than getting rich and started a revolution in modern medicine. Above all, the key aspect remains the fact that the developed alternative, despite producing spectacular results, is a non-invasive, all-natural, safe, and easy to apply method.

A leading discovery in the field of pharmacology by Professor

No one has even the slightest doubt that the professor has made an almost impossible progress, and his work should be rapidly disseminated throughout the world.

The alternative created by the professor not only allows to relieve pain, but has multiple effects on the human body. First of all, it cleanses the body of toxins, accelerates cell nutrition and oxygenation at the appropriate level. The 28-day treatment allows for the complete elimination of all kinds of pathologies in the work of organs such as the liver, kidneys, heart, brain, lungs, or intestines, boosts the metabolism and eliminates inflammation. Learn the secret of this amazing method and free yourself from pain in just 8 minutes!

Solesties New – opinions

Currently, we haven’t found a person who, after using the 28-day treatment, needed to be reinforced with painkillers or had any complaints that this unique product couldn’t handle.

“I have had migraines since I was 6 years old that did not allow me to function normally. Everything was fine and then all of a sudden, within minutes or so, there would be darkness in front of my eyes along with a headache that was really unbearable. Because of my medical conditions, I had major problems during all the major events. No medication or other methods were helping. A friend stated that there was basically no salvation for me anymore, and doctors for as long as I can remember were also of the same opinion. Some time ago, after a migraine that lasted 72 hours, I decided to stake everything on one card.

It was no longer possible to live like that. With all the side effects of a migraine, I had to make a lot of sacrifices and suffer a lot of bitterness in order to live a normal life. I found reviews of Solesties New on the Internet. I must admit that in this condition, I was ready to try anything. I decided to take the treatment. Already after 8 minutes of use I was a person beyond recognition! The 28th treatment allowed me to say goodbye to recurring migraine pain once and for all. Thank you to everyone who helped change my life. I can finally drive a car without fear and fulfill myself professionally. I am finally free from this terrible migraine!”

-Ann, 26 years old

“Everyone from my closest environment laughed that I must have sucked back pain from my mother’s milk or it was given to me in my genes. Practically from the time I remember, the pain prevented me from doing activities I had always dreamed of. Running was an incredible passion of mine. I stopped going to training because I couldn’t stand all the symptoms that followed.

The most unfortunate event was when I had to cancel a meeting with my dream girl because the back pain appeared about an hour before I was supposed to go out and I was completely helpless. I decided that there was no point in giving up things that were important to me any longer. I chose the Solesties New treatment and I cannot say that I have anything to reproach the people who decided to release such a unique product on the market. Thank you! “

-Peter, 44 years old

“There is no such thing as good. This is what I always said to myself when I had to change my plans because my stomach pain prevented me from functioning normally. You know, such a misrepresentation of the situation, allows you to explain it to yourself. I finally realized that there was no point in fooling around any longer, but I finally had to take matters into my own hands.

So what did I come up with? I found a product that is Solesties New. A 28-day treatment has freed me from my unpleasant problem. I feel great!”

-William, 56 years old


Solesties New – side effects

Of course, most of us, wonder about the side effects of any given treatment. This is perfectly natural. However, as it turns out, despite being subjected to numerous studies, Solesties New has proved to be a completely safe product. Scientists and patients who count themselves among the supporters of this incredible after months of treatment have not noticed even the slightest side effects.

 Solesties New – composition

In the composition of the product, there are only safe and natural active substances.

Solesties New, is certified by ISO 9001 and can boast of receiving the prestigious Green Certificate. The insoles consist of four layers. Each of them remains a unique material with a pro-health effect.

The top layer of the product is made of spherical polycarbonate chains. Thanks to their application, it is possible to ensure that people interested in the 28-day use of the product receive adequate pressure on their feet, in accordance with the basic principles of acupressure. Due to the fact that as many as 29 deformations are made on the insoles, they work in many places on the foot, which guarantees an extraordinary massage while walking.

The second layer is a magnetizing material, made of magnetic materials like those inside the planet. The capabilities of this layer are not perceptible to users, so they will certainly not experience a reduced level of comfort due to its presence. The effects of this layer are already visible after 14 days of using Solesties New.

The third element is the stabilizing layer, created from A to Z from a soft and completely natural material. It acts as a gait mobilizer and improves posture.

The last element of Solesties New insoles is the anti-slip layer, which guarantees that the likelihood of feet slipping in shoes is reduced to an absolute minimum, guaranteeing the constant distribution of acupressure points.

It is worth mentioning that each of the individual elements has been created from fully biodegradable, vegan and ecological material.

Solesties New – product price

The price/quality ratio of Solesties New and the effects that are obtained during the 28-day treatment is not exorbitant. Currently, there is also an extraordinary promotion that allows you to buy the product almost 50 percent cheaper than before!

Solesties New – where to buy? (Pharmacy or store)

Profit-oriented pharmaceutical companies do not allow to place Solesties New in pharmacies or stationary stores. Its effects exclude the need for subsequent application of any medicine and, therefore, the effect of the appearance of the product on the market would be a slow extinction of pharmaceutical companies from all over the world. In addition, the action of the specific product is gaining enormous popularity, therefore, many people decide to create products modeled on Solesties New. We recommend buying directly from the manufacturer. Only then, you can be absolutely sure that the treatment you use within 28 days will bring the desired results.